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About Ski API Technologies

Ski API Technologies, a ski-dedicated API platform can distribute your accommodation to an exclusive network of B2B partners and affiliates.

We have 16 years experience of delivering top quality ski holiday experiences to an international client base. What sets Ski API Technologies apart from some of the larger booking platforms is that we understand not only the complexities of a ski holiday but also the needs of the ski accommodation provider.

Our platform is the only ski-dedicated API available. This unique tool enables us to distribute ski accommodation and ski extras to a massive network of B2B partners, creating an even larger pool of potential ski holiday customers.

Many of our partners wish to add “ski” to their portfolio and SKI API Technologies equips them with all the insight and support to successfully transition into selling this complex area of the travel market.

Ski API products


We work with a huge range of hotels who have an existing Channel Manager which we can connect to. We are also building an Extranet for those hotels who do not have existing technology, to enable them to join our platform.


We work with over fifty Apartment Suppliers, enabling them to disseminate their prices and availabilty into our diverse Partner Network.


Chalet companies are able to add their ranges of catered and self catered chalets to our platforms either via API connection or Extranet. We are working on a new interface for private chalet owners to add and manage their chalets on our platform.

Our Ski Destinations

Our diverse product range stretches across the Europe and North America. We are looking to extend this into Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.




Ski Resorts



Partnering with Ski API Technologies is not just a numbers game. We want to work with you to assist your sales, whether helping to sell tricky dates or tapping into alternative areas of the ski market. We are primarily a ski specialist; however our platform has also achieved considerable success selling into the summer “Lakes and Mountains market”. In 2019/20, 30% of bookings taken were for summer apartment and hotel stays, thus contributing to the all year round business model that many of our partners wish to achieve. We endeavour to create a relationship with all of our accommodation partners, ultimately resulting in successful sales
and happy skiers!

Our Technology

Your booking system can be integrated into the Ski API Technologies API. From here we are able to retrieve live availability and prices from your booking system platform to send into our vast network of B2B Partners. Our technical support team is always on hand to assist with the integration process and answer any questions. 

The Powder White API is currently integrated with the following platforms:





North American Hosts



Switzerland Travel Centre


We firmly believe that Channel Managers / Reservation Platforms are the future of booking ski travel, and we are in the process of integrating even more connections to our API.

Our Partner Network

British Airways Holidays
We Ski
Travel Republic
Powder White
Gold Medal

The advantages of working with Ski API Technologies

Increased volume of online bookings

A growing percentage of customers want to book online - the platform enables online booking across a huge range of websites.

Broaden both the local and global reach of your hotel

Our Partner Network means that your accommodation appears on websites all around the world, exposing your accommodation to a far larger audience.

Save time and reduce double bookings with real time updates

The back and forth of enquiries by telephone and email are consigned to the past. Bookings are taken automatically, reducing administrative time and effort.

Access reports and analyse booking data

Booking data and analysis are available via a unique login to the platform.

Great value for money

Whilst we appreciate that there are certain costs associated with integrating with a channel manager, these are quickly outweighed when considering the reduction in staff hours.

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